You will learn with confidence how to effectively write grants!


We would like to welcome you to Fit2empower web page. Our mission is to provide you with tools and resources for healthy Kingdom living and personal empowerment.

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Easy to learn hands on grant writing.

F2E Services



Parents-School-Community Engagement

We will help increase engagement in education & increase academic achievement.

Kingdom Training Center

Kingdom Fitness Program

We will provide a fitness mentorship & holistic health program for believers in Christ.

We use out-of-the-box tools & tried-and-true skills that are not traditional. It is based on the Word of God & applied to the redemptive work of Christ. 

We're on the cusp of social media trends, new technologies and new ways to deliver messages effectively and creatively. Guided by the over 27 years in the nonprofit industry/ministry, we've got a foundation for success to serve others with Kingdom tools and resources. 

KTC is a local church. It is our desire to simplify serving. The mission is to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God & to disciple ambassadors to represent the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The vision is to be an outward focused center for all people that teach & train believers to live by the principles of the Kingdom of God & to fulfill their Kingdom assignment. 


Holistic Marriage Coaching

We offer inner healing to couples and families by identifying root strongholds that produce fruit resulting in personal issues. The outcome is Kingdom healing and freedom in Christ.