Our mission is to be a life-giving ministry for all people that provides holistic tools and resources for healthy Kingdom living and personal empowerment. Our vision is to see you experience Kingdom Health Spiritually, Physically and Financially. 

We offer a 9 week live and online course. Please see the link regarding the Kingdom Fitness Program. We host monthly fitness events and community outreach. We truly believe that heal people... heal people. The reason that some of our relationships are not healthy is because we truly need more spiritual tools to understand the root of the issues rather addressing the fruits.

Kingdom Health

  1. Weight Up & Down
  2. Simple fitness plan
  3. Issues? How do get free?
  4. What is my purpose?
  5. Relationships! Good & Bad
  • Dealing with Rejection
  • Living in Fear 
  • Inconsistency
  • Feeling stuck
  •  Being a good Spouse
  • Being a good Mother/Father
  • My Weight: Over or Under
  • Addictions
  • Stuck in a job that you hate
  • Low Self worth

Far too long, we have wasted time, years of being stuck. We have made bad choices, and some of us are living with those consequences. It is good news to know that we can live a life of authentic freedom and see our wasted time and bad choices redeemed by the Holy Spirit.

We can be healthy! We also know that some folks are not open and are not willing. It's okay. Our job is a to pray for those that are willing and to pray to those that are not willing. 

If you are looking for a holistic experience, we welcome you to join us. Jesus said, "I have come that you might have life and have more abundantly." This is the God-kind of life! It is about waking up everyday experiencing His love, peace and joy regardless of the circumstances, trials, test or tribulations. We call this the Kingdom of God. 

There were some things that we were not taught when we were born again. Guess what? We are blessed to have this ministry to share some of those things with you. Will it work? Yes! If you are willing to submit to God's way of living. His love NEVER fails. The success is rooted in His love. 

We pray that you prayerful consider joining us. We would love to have you! Blessings! 

Proclaiming His Kingdom until He comes,

Roy & Victoria Peters




Experiencing Kingdom Health Spiritually, Physically & Financially in Christ!

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