2016 is your year for Kingdom Results!

In day and time where any thing goes, people are hurting. Hurting people... hurt people. There is a Spiritual war. It is a war for our souls. After years of working with people I realize that there are some people who are tired of being sick and tired. 

​2016 - A New Beginning!

What a great opportunity to begin again! This is a temporary site until our official website is developed. I wanted to take few moments to share what our goals are this year for F2Empower/ Go Fit Club! 

 Our mission is to be an outreach ministry that provides holistic tools and resources for Healthy Kingdom living and personal empowerment. Our vision is to EXPERIENCE life, freedom and health.Here are few of the things we are partnering to accomplish for 2016:

  • Monthly Workshops: Fitness & Health, Nutrition, Accountability, Financial Empowerment, Emotional Freedom, etc. 
  • Group Fitness for those who are interested in Kingdom lifestyle fitness
  • Hands on Grant Writing for believers that are led by the Holy Spirit to start a community service and/or ministry
  • After School Kids Fitness Reading Camp Curriculum for students 1st-12th grade for 25 students - If you would like to start one in your church or community, please contact us!
  • Fitness Mentorship (FM) Program for school districts / Parent Engagement Program (PEP) for Parents & Mentors
  • ​Natural Products for Adults and children! 
  • Outreach Consultation includes: Starting an Effective Children's Ministry, Evangelism inside/outside the local church, and Fundraisers



Fitness Coach: Victoria Peters