Experiencing Kingdom Health Spiritually, Physically & Financially in Christ!

F2Empower You!

A Personal Kingdom Fitness Program


Our greatest joy is to serve the good news of the Kingdom of God! We start right where we are planted. We start with  prayer walking In our own neighborhoods and all through our communities. 

​Then we move into servant evangelism! Doing simple acts of kindness... just because! Our neighborhoods and communities need this so badly!

What would happen if half the number of churches joined together to truly love their city into the Kingdom of God  with prayer walking and servant evangelism? This would begin supernatural miracles and testimonies that will start to flood in our prayer teams. If you love God and want to serve Him, please join us. You are the one that we have been praying for. 

Interested in joining our prayer teams? We are partnering with believers regardless of what church you attend!  If you are interested in joining a prayer team please email Victoria Peters: Victoria@fit2empower.org