Fit2empower you

Victoria Peters

I love fitness! I love it more when it is aligned to the Kingdom way doing life. 

I've been around for over 7 years in group fitness training and 27 years in ministry and nonprofit services. My most important victory is witnessing the transformation of individuals who have never experienced deep spirit/soul healing & knowing their identity in Christ. As they apply Spiritual discipline, Physical discipline with the power of the Holy Spirit will manifest! An added bonus is to witness the financial freedom that results in this holistic process. 

Fit2empower you is an outreach ministry of Kingdom Training Center. Our mission is to provide you with holistic tools and resources for healthy Kingdom living and personal empowerment. 

The vision is to see you experience Kingdom health, Spiritually, Physically and Financially in Christ. 

Fitness & health is generally addressed from the outside in. Most of the time people start with changing their diet, going to the doctor and/or getting a personal trainer. These are great things to do and there are people who mastered them well.

Long-term impact for believers in Christ/Kingdom citizens approach is different and opposite of the way of the world/ or fleshly approaches. 

Choosing to see who you are in Christ.

It is an entire different set of Spiritual principals and laws. The Kingdom Fitness Program will start from the inside-out dealing first with your personal spirit/soul issues. Then we will address the physical body and financial freedom. It is holistic; it is effective. It will require the Holy Spirit's help, intercession, strength and power. 

Fit2empower at a Glance

Taking Care of You...

It's hard to communicate the experience of holistic Kingdom health. If you attend an information meeting, we're going to go over all your questions and concerns. The best part of the Kingdom Fitness Program is experiencing the Grace and Power of the Holy Spirit. 

The Kingdom Way

  • Fitness Mentorship Accountability
  • (Mentees) Youth Accountability
  • Being filled with inner peace and joy
  • Personal Coaching
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Fitness Plan
  • Financial Freedom
  • Group Fitness & Fun
  • Special Boot Camps
  • Learning Dance Fitness Routines
  • Increase of Income

Some of the Benefits You Will Enjoy Include: