Experiencing Kingdom Health Spiritually, Physically & Financially in Christ!

F2Empower You!

A Personal Kingdom Fitness Program


9 Week Kingdom Fitness Program (Online/Live)

​Phase I - It's About ME! - Spirit/Soul Health: We spend time engaging  with the tools and resources that assist each person in looking in the mirror. We examine our issues, our gifts and our temperaments that all affect who we are as spirit children of our Heavenly Father. As you understand those components, you can then move into seeing your true identity in Christ. 

Phase II - It's about You! - Why? If you are not blessed or healed, how can you be a blessing to others? The great commandment is that we love God and love our neighbors as we love ourselves. To get into this phase, you have to ask yourself this question: how do I love myself? You can't. Most of the time when we seek to love ourselves without the Holy Spirit... we end up doing it in the flesh. We need the Holy Spirit to help and teach us how to intimately receive God's love in us & be willing to mediate His love until it is rooted in our souls. How long will it take? It is a process of intentionally mediating and allowing the Holy Spirit to help you. How do I know that I have it? It will show up in your life as Godly fruit. Some of the fruits  will  include  more praying for others and a true desire to serve others. As you are blessed, you will want to be a blessing to others. 

 Physical Healthis a manifestation of spirit/soul health. You will become what you mediate and see in your spirit and soul. As man thinks, so is he! This is the phase that we practice healthy eating, consistent fitness as we continue to mediate our Godly beliefs. We do it the Kingdom's way by getting our vision from God, mediating His Word and acting on the Word of God. Doing it this way allows each person to see fitness inside out rather than outside in. 

Phase III - It's about US! - Why? We are one Body of Christ & Every part of His body need each other. Team work, makes the dream work! This is a place of learning the skills of being a healthy believer first, and then a healthy team. As a healthy team we organically walk in  team accountability. It is also about the team serving the community together,  impacting, and expanding the Kingdom of God in our communities.

Financial Healthis our last workshop and it engages financial fitness based on the common wealth in the Kingdom of God. Why? Health is wealth! When a believer is healthy is their intimacy in and with God, know their true identity in Christ, then Divine purpose becomes clear. This purpose is full of provision for His vision for your life. There is no lack in the Kingdom of God. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places, and He has given us ALL THINGS that pertain to life and godliness. We are called to be good stewards of wealth in Christ.