"If you don't know the purpose of a thing, you will abuse it" -Dr. Myles Munroe

It's time labor to enter in His rest.

Like a lot people, we thought we were ready. We were not as ready as we thought. There were issues that we needed to be addressed & we entered a season of pruning & came out better than before! We learned that Issues not dealt with will bring forth a harvest when you least expect it. The good news... the loving care of our Heavenly Father was never surprised nor is He ever surprised by anything. His heart is to always prune the tree so that it can bring more fruit. There are no regrets to our process. 

The Holy Spirit has given us the tools to understand how to labor to enter into His rest. He has established our hearts rooted in Christ. We rejoice in knowing our identity in Christ and His assignment. It is from this place of rest and healing in Christ, that we are now ready to give all that we have received in our healing and our restoration. 

We will have Sunday services and life-giving fellowship groups through the week. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us on the link and will send you the information about location and service times. 

Our mission and vision truly makes sense to us after 27 years of ministry. We honor all of the Pastors and Ministry gifts that have poured and sowed into our lives over the years. We are a product of those churches and ministries. 

The mission is not just something that sounds good. It lives in our hearts every day. KTC is a local center/church. The mission is to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God & to disciple ambassadors in Christ to represent the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The vision is to be an outward focused center for all people that teach & train believers to live by the principles of the Kingdom of God & to fulfill their Kingdom assignment. 

Simplify serving means we honor the purpose of the church. The purpose is to train believers how to live in the Kingdom of God & to know their Kingdom assignment. 

Simpilfy Serving

For years, all we have known is the traditional side of church. Based on that background, we brought all of our expectations, religious practices, and fleshly concepts. We created a subculture within our culture that made the Word of God ineffective. Being inward focused all the time revealed how hurt people... hurt people. We always witnessed the depth of what we now call, "Church hurt." We didn't know how to fix the pain. We didn't know that there was pain from our past & root strongholds.  We could look up see all the weaknesses in our church leadership of past churches; they could look down to see our brokenness. Serving became a burden. It took so much fleshly effort just to make an event happen. Though the outcome of these events/activities were beautiful, sadly the collateral damage had left relationships more broken and strained. 

When you get healed, you realize that you don't have to be miserable in serving God. You can righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.