2016 is your year for Kingdom Results!

Kids Fitness Reading Camp - (Curriculum)        
Minimum of 10 Students - 1-2 Days A Week

It is a new curriculum for churches and ministries to use to increase fitness levels, reading skills and outreach purposes. Research proves that higher fitness levels produce higher grades. We will combine fitness, reading and a lot fun and games to increase reading skills.  Most kids don't want their friends to know they are having problems reading. 

We offer the services free to students (low-income families) by fundraising their tuition at our local fitness center. If you are interested in partnering with our work or you would like more details, please click our contact us page. 
Kingdom Fitness Boot Camp for Adults
1-2 Days A Week for 6 weeks   $65 per person
There are a lot places in the city you can go for fitness but very few places that will connect spirit, soul and body to your experience. This is why our program is unique. We want to see empowered with tools and resources of the healthy Kingdom living. We have discounted monthly workshops that will multiply your holistic experience. 

Empowerment Workshops
Monthly - Contact us for topics and schedules                                                                                           
If you are ready to access a new level of growth and results then we would like to extend an invitation for you to attend our monthly empowerment workshops. Each month we will be addressing fitness/Health lifestyle, nutrition, freedom from emotional issues, financial abundance, starting your own community service ,etc. We will email you a monthly schedule at your request by completing the form on our contact page.